About Fusion Fitness and Columbus Fitness of Wisconsin

INFRARED FITNESS columbus wisconsin
Why Join our Fitness Clubs?

We are a health and wellness group fitness club with two locations in Columbus, Wisconsin designed with you in mind. Why are we more than just a standard health club? Our fitness club's design will help connect the dots between reaching your health goals and being stuck, frustrated and confused. We not only look at how you work out and what you eat but consider the the body as a whole and offer both classes, open gym and personal training to support your goals!

Fitness Fusion columbus wisconsin
Fitness Fusion, Fitness Center

Getting healthy shouldn't make you feel like your climbing a mountain. Let us help you step by step! Besides a great workout it is our intention to extend your personal knowledge about your overall health by offering classes that are essential to reaching your personal health goals. Fitness Fusion has another added benefit; we have invested in your health and fitness by incorporating infrared technology. Research proves the many benefits of infrared therapy. Try Yoga or Pilates under the infrared panels. It is like stepping out into the sunshine without the humidity! Then complete your workout with a visit to our protein/coffee bar, The Fueling Station. .

Columbus Fitness Gym columbus wisconsin
Columbus Fitness, 24/7 Open Gym

Our fitness gym is open 24/7 and has available trainers to help you in your goals! We have the most common machines, free weights, and excersize equipment that you have come to know and love, along with locker rooms and showers to complete your workout.

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